This page provides information about Bitcoinium's ticker widgets, which can be embedded into your blog or website for free.


The bitcoinium ticker widgets display 24-hour ticker information including high, low, volume, and percent change in addition to the past 24 hour price history. The latest ticker is automatically fetched and updated every 30 seconds while the ticker history is refreshed every 5 minutes. Different currency pairs can be selected and the default pair can be configured as a widget option. Two size variants are available: medium (300px x 260px) and small (200px x 190px).



A widget can be customized to your needs by setting its size, horizontal posistion and/or initial currency pair. The following widget has and alignment of center, a size of small and the initial currency pair of Bitstamp BTC/USD. If the provided options do not suit your needs or you're having issues embedding the widget, please contact us at

How To

Paste the following code into your website to embed a ticker widget.

<div id="bitcoinium-widget" widget-align="center" widget-size="small" widget-initial-pair="BTC_BITSTAMP_USD"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


The following customization options are available.

Option NameAllowed Option Values (Pick One)
widget-alignleft, center, right
widget-sizesmall, medium


Happy Embedding!